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Growing businesses eventually reach a point where owners must consider the hiring of accounting personnel and the formation of an accounting department which could potentially include clerical staff, bookkeepers, a controller and even a CFO. The cost and management of such a department typically is a drain on the bottom line and is by no means the owners only alternative.


In today’s technological world, the cost and maintenance of a permanent bookkeeping and accounting staff is not only unnecessary, but often very economically and managerially prohibitive. The challenge of hiring and training employees and then allowing them close proximity to sensitive financial information is a concern that makes many business owners uncomfortable. By outsourcing such work to trusted professionals, valuable management time and company resources are protected and utilized for much more profitable and efficient business endeavors.


We at Kartchner & Associates have many successful clients that have now outsourced some, and in many cases all, of their Business Management and Bookkeeping needs into our capable hands. This proven business model is similar to the outsourcing of payroll services, which today is done by virtually every small to medium size business, thus making a payroll department which was necessary a few years ago, today entirely obsolete.


Our clients who have utilized our outsourcing services appreciate having consistent and accurate accounting information provided in a timely manner. This has afforded them financial flexibility while protecting company assets and limiting access to sensitive financial information such as compensation structure and financial results exclusively to owners and an outside group of trusted professionals.


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